Written by: Ivy Knight

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve gotten to this point in my life. I never felt good enough. I went through most of my childhood just trying to be seen, trying my hardest to be as perfect as I could be. Trying to be skinny enough or pretty enough or smart enough. No one ever told me that I was perfect just the way I was. I’ve gone through most of my adult questioning why? Why does he love me? Why do they like me? When are they going to realize that I suck and they’re better off without me, this world is better off without me? It took me a long time learn that in order for me to believe that other people loved me, I had to love myself. I had to understand that I’m good enough the way I am… that I’m worthy of being loved.

I’m not special in this. I’m sure that most of you feel or have felt the same way but I’m here to tell you that you are enough- just the way you are, every flaw, every scar, every mistake, every bad decision. All those things have made you the wonderful beautiful person you are now. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of peace, goodness, and happiness. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that You Are Worthy.

The You Are Worthy Sweatshirt is available now and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and The Crisis Text Line

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  • Amy Centes: December 02, 2019

    I am a 17 year old senior in high school. I am sitting in the middle of class while reading all of this, and I just wanted to say how much I could relate to all of this. I constantly go around helping others but it seems has if I have forgotten to help myself as well. Ivy I could relate to every single thing you just wrote, it meant a lot to know im not alone. Maybe one day all our questions will be answered or maybe we will never have them answered, but that doesn´t mean we need to just give up.

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