About Us

When I talk about the brand, I always have to introduce myself. My name is Ivy Knight and I am a powerlifter. I started Girls Who Powerlift out of the selfish need to find a tribe of like-minded women. As a beginner powerlifter, I had so much passion but so many questions. I had a hard time finding a place to feel empowered. Women that had been involved in the sport long before I did, were incredibly inspiring but that type of strength felt out of reach for me at the time but I loved powerlifting. I loved feeling strong and I loved that person that I was becoming because of it.  I knew that there had to be women out there that were in the same place. I was a powerlifter now and I needed to find others!
Girls Who Powerlift was founded on 2 things: Community and Education. Once I found my tribe I realized that there were so many misconceptions about what it meant to be a woman in a strength sport. Educated people became the mission of the blog but it was more than just people being ok with us competing as powerlifters. It became about us educating ourselves on how to become the best powerlifters we could be. It was about how to squat, bench and deadlift but also about how to walk in the gym or onto the platform with your mind and body ready. What started out as a place to get to know people that were into the same things turned into this community or team of women who spoke the same language.  
Powerlifting made me an athlete. It changed the way I saw myself and it did the same for so many other women. Being an athlete means that you have to sacrifice time and comfort to get to a certain goal. Being a competitive athlete gives you purpose. You have to know how to eat and rest in the best way so that you can train at your best. You may not want to be the best in the world (although there’s nothing wrong with that) but that doesn’t mean that you’re not an athlete. The beauty of powerlifting is that you can be a mom, wife, grandmother, daughter, have a job or whatever and still compete in this sport. Competing makes you an athlete. Training hard makes you an athlete. And when you realize that it changes you. It empowers you.
We want you to be the best powerlifter you can be and we want to bring you the education you need, the best gear that you need but most importantly we want to be the best teammates and cheerleaders you could ever ask for! #upliftandliftheavy