We do Pre-Orders from time to time to gauge actual interest of an item or to make sure that every one that wants a special release item can get their hands on them on them. We do our best to get all items to you as fast as possible however, since preorder items are ordered prior to being manufactured these orders can take several weeks to get shipped to you. 


  1. Anything purchased along with a preorder item will get shipped all together.
  2. You cannot ask for a refund or to cancel your order until after you have received your item.

Pre-Order means that we are release an item for purchase prior to sending it to production which means that there can be a few setbacks: 

  • Typically we make sure that the manufacturer can produce the items perfectly before we give them quantities. We will even try and get a sample or mock up before we release it to be ordered. However, sometimes we have issues and the manufacturer comes back to us with changes. 
  • Since you, the customer, are ordering a product that has not even been created yet the wait time is longer. We do our best to give you an accurate date to expect shipping to begin but we can never guarantee this date. The manufacturer may hit some snags or issues that they couldn't forsee. Additionally, we may get more orders than we anticipated and this could lead to a longer amount of time as well. The more items the longer it will take to make them. 


If you choose to use Sezzle to split your final purchase amount into 4 payments, please keep in mind that you may end up finalizing your payments before you receive your item. You will still receive your order at the same time as you would have if you didn't use Sezzle. Orders processed through Sezzle will not be able to be cancelled or refunded until after your receive your order.


Please keep these things in mind before you make a preorder purchase. We do our best to stay in communication with our customers and make periodic updates as best we can.