How to Level Up Your Circle

Written by Ivy Knight

A quote that I live by, amongst many, is, “Never be the smartest person in the room.” Why? You can’t level up if you don’t see an example of it. There’s no way to grow if you don’t know where up is. If you are consistently the smartest, the most successful, or the strongest then who’s inspiring you to be and get better?

Yesterday I spent the day with a group of women from different walks of life. One of the things we have in common is that we’re all powerlifters. But amongst them was a former teacher, a software developer, musician, a future software developer, and mom of a differently-abled daughter with special needs. And each of their stories is different and interesting. I learned so much and not even about what they do but about how these women, as amazing and strong as they are, never spoke ill of anyone else for the 6 hours we spent together. They celebrated each other, talked about each other's progression in the sport, they were actually in awe of each other as I was in awe of each of them.

It was a lesson in leveling up and that it can be done without pushing people down. You can level up by being quiet and listening to your peers. We talked about health and strength in ways that were helpful, not boastful and it was refreshing.

I urge you to search for people that make you want to level up. If the conversation is always about how strong you are, find stronger friends, they will help you get stronger. If you want to go further in your career find good people that have done it and they will help you, through their example, how to be more successful.

Every once in a while, just sit back and listen to the conversations around you? Are they always about gossip, drama, and cattiness? This might be a clue that you need to find some new people to be around. And if you can’t find them in real life, I promise you can find them in the GWPL tribe! I did. Join us on Facebook. We have a lot in store for our amazing community!

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