Girls Who Powerlift- Ellen Stein

Written By Ivy Knight - April 24 2018


Gigi Cappelletty
July 28 2018

Hi Ellen, thank you so much for your inspiring story! I’m 63 and started lifting seriously last year. I did my first meet last November with bench and deadlift..I was scared of the squat 😝. This November I’m doing my 2nd meet with USPA and doing full raw. Deadlifts are my favorite too! I work out at Chalk it Up Strength in Cotati, CA and have an amazing help with trainer Rob Hager. Rob and Allie own the gym and are sponsoring the upcoming meet. Super supportive gym members! I love the powerlifting atmospher and camaraderie 💪

Nancy Lowther
May 01 2018

Great story, Ellen! I am also a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and I am a 59 year old powerlifter. I’ve been lifting for about 6 years now with a best meet total of 675 lbs. My goal this year is to hit a 300 lb. deadlift, and your story has really inspired me to keep reaching for that goal!!!

Dianne Shay
May 01 2018

I’m a 71 year old crazy lifter too. Your numbers are awesome. I’ve been lifting for 16 mos. love the sport, Wish I would have started 40 years ago but never going to quit. When I first started my kids would say “mom, you’re too old, you’re going to get hurt”. Now my daughter has joined my journey. Love the community, Love the spirit!

Mary Beth Dawson
April 27 2018

Ellen! You are amazing I live in Rockaway and am the dept chair of bio at Kingsborough…we were practically neighbors!! I lift on my own but am thinking about getting an in person coach…have to check out harbor.

Ellen ferra
April 25 2018

Awesome insight and advice! Amazing accomplishments!

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