kimberly walford, powerlifter
Kimberly Walford, Trackfu or as I call her the G.O.A.T is one of the most decorated women powerlifters in history. GWPL sits and talks about her powerlifting career and get a few tips for newbies.
Introduce yourself to GWPL community
My name is Kimberly C. Walford. I’m a powerlifter all day every day. This sport has given me more than I could ever receive from it. Besides being a raw and equipped lifter, I’m also a coach, referee, and ambassador for our great sport. Some of my most memorable achievements in powerlifting have been: four IPF Open Raw World Championships and multiple world classic records (63kg and 72kg classes), multiple national and equipped champions and American/National records (63kg, 67.5kg, and 72kg classes); breaking the all-time raw total record across all federations (drug test and non-tested) 1179lbs(535kg) @147lbs (66.6kg) ; and four-time IPF/NAPF Arnold Sports Festival Pro Deadlift “heaviest deadlift” and Wilks Coefficient Champion (2012-2015)
You go by, Trackfu... is there a story behind the name? Trackfu (pronounced Track-fu like Kung fu) was the name of the varsity track and field clique that I belonged too in high school. 

When did you get into lifting and why?
I started lifting weights when I was 13 years old because my high school track and field coach told me he wanted us to not only be fast but strong. I soon learned that strength training was a  necessary part of any athlete’s training (regardless of sport) if they were to be the best athlete they could be.
Best meet total to date:
  • Raw: 1191lbs(540kg) @152.1 (69.03kg) (IPF/EPF Arnold Europe Classic 10/2015)
  • Equipped single ply: 1168lbs(529.79kg) @139.5lbs(63.27kg) (USAPL 2012)
  • Equipped single ply deadlift only: 562.2lbs(255kg) @BW:152.55lbs (2015 IPF/NAPF Arnold GNC Pro Deadlift)
What’s your approach to nutrition? 
At the risk of piggy backing off a cliche “ you are what you eat.” Those words have never been more true. I am a big advocate for fueling your body with the right foods. I believe in a high protein and carb diet ( a minimum of  1g of protein and 1g of carbs per pound of body weight) accompanied by healthy portion of fruits and vegetables. Also, you definitely have to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated on a daily basis. I drank anywhere from 64oz to 128oz (gal) a day.  On the flip side, if I crave desserts or fried foods I will enjoy it occasionally to satisfy my craving for whatever food.
Favorite go to meal
Anything with meat, carbs, and cheese…lol
You're such an inspiration to so many women, how does that feel and how does that impact your training?
To inspire others is one of the best forms of pre-workout I feel you can have in life. Its a way of giving back and helping others to push towards their own goals. I feel like you can only truly be your best when you help others. I feel inspired to train harder and push 
myself towards current and new goals because I know I’m somehow inspiring others towards their own goals.
Favorite cheat meal
Anything with Nutella
Can you give us a few tips for newbie lifters
  1. Read the technical rulebook: It provides you the information necessary for anyone and everyone who participates in our powerlifting meet to conduct themselves properly regardless of roll (lifter, coach, referee and volunteer). Additionally, for those times when you may need to dispute a lift how can you if you don’t know what constitutes a red or white light (red, yellow, or blue card -IPF). 
  2. Take the time to research your coach’s credentials. Everyone who says they are a coach, may not necessarily of the experience to be one. “Google” their credentials, ask them about their credentials, and/or rely on trusted, knowledgeable individuals to guide your choice for a coach.
  3.  When determining what type of powerlifting is right for you, take the time to research the similarities and differences to find the right fit for you. 
  4. Take a look at’s “compare federation link”  and list of powerlifting federations (with descriptions of each fed) like the link because it compares most known federations based on location (International, National, and Regional), type of gear used in federation (raw w/knee sleeves; raw with knee wraps, raw w/ no equipment, gear (single ply, double-ply, triple-ply, multi-ply, bench shirts , deadlift and squat suits, and briefs), gear material (polyester, denim, canvas), training/ meet equipment (power racks, free-standing racks vs. monolift, Eleiko/Ivanko bars, Texas squat and deadlift bars), and drug testing policies (mandatory or voluntary drug testing vs. non-drug testing federations).
What get’s you through the tough training sessions?
Remembering why the hell I’m training in the first I remind myself of my cycle goals and my next meet goals. If I don’t do what’s necessary to prepare myself during a training cycle to compete how can I expect to get the results I want at the end of the cycle at a meet. I remember that life (for the most part) doesn’t give you what you want, but what you earn.
Finally, I remind myself that success is an honor not a privilege. Your training your butt off and your competitors are doing the same to catch you and/or eventually surpass you. 
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