There's an awful stigma out there about what a female powerlifter looks like or acts like. The truth is that we're not all tomboys. For instance, the beautiful Kristin Shawne Scott Suddreth is a hair stylist and makeup artist. But don't let her hair and makeup fool you. She's a kick butt powerlifter with the medals to prove it. 

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Introduce yourself to the GWPL community
Hey, My Name is Kristin Shawne Scott Suddreth. I am a mother of an 8yr old boy, Joshua and Wife to a LEO (LAW Enforcement Officer). I am a figure competitor as well as a powerlifter. I am currently studying for my CPT and to be a Powerlifting Instructor. I am a Women's Motivational speaker. I am a sponsored athlete for @NutrishopLKN. I work for Picnic Table Productions company as their office administrator and on set I am the hair and makeup Artist. I am also the spokesperson for @ExtremeFitnessMedia. 

I had my first powerlifting meet in May, 2015 I weighed in Women's Open Raw at 56 kg (123.4 lbs). I received three certifications from being ranked on in raw/natural All American Time. 

I then Competed in October 2015 at 56 kg (123.4 lbs) Women's Open Raw weight class being Ranked 16th on Power Lifting Watch of all time for my deadlift at 165 kg (363.76 lbs) and 15th for my Overall Total of 365 kg (804.68 lbs)! Along with holding records for World Power Lifting Congress National AAPF for Squat at 127.5 kg (281.09 lbs), Deadlift at 165 kg (363.76 lbs), and total overall at 365 kg (804.68 lbs). I was able to bring home some hardware for best AAPF raw female lifter, 1st in my weight class and 1st in women's raw open for both AAPF and APF.

When did you get into lifting and why?Deadlift, powerlifter, female
I always enjoyed sports at a young age, but it wasn't til the summer of last year, 2014, that I realized how much I enjoyed lifting heavy. I wanted to put most size on my physique and powerlifting was helping me with that. It was also a healthy way for me to release stress.

In the world of powerlifting, there's a growing debate on using enhancements. What's your opinion?
I can't tell someone what is wrong or right for them and their own body. I do recommend doing the research and make sure the decision was solely your own and now influenced. I do believe you can not out beat hard work and effort not matter what.

3 tips for newbie lifters

  1. Believe in yourself and Do not Compare yourself to others. You will fail at some point but keep going. 
  2. Enjoy your training. Soak up as much knowledge as you can and try new methods of training! Stay humble but also be confident and proud in how far you have come.
  3. Do not be afraid to fuel your body with the food it needs or of going into the weight room. 

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Favorite go to meal
I do enjoy a good steak!

Favorite cheat meal

I always go for sushi!

Speed round: (One-word answers)

  • PR song: Korn- Narcissistic Cannibal
  • One lift to live with for the rest of your life: Deadlift
  • Biggest Inspiration: My son
  • Nike or Reebok: Reebok
  • Abs or Traps: That's a tough one. I have to call a tie on that one
  • Cupcakes or Doughnuts: Doughnuts
  • Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks: Starbucks: Espresso
What get's you through the tough training sessions?
My little boy: Anytime I am struggling I remind myself how much he looks up to me and how strong he thinks I am. He is my motivation to keep going.
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