Introduce yourself to the GWPL community
My name is Alessandra Daniele, I am from CT and I have been surrounded by fitness my entire life since my Mom is also a personal trainer. I graduated from Central Connecticut in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and have since started my training business alongside my boyfriend Josh. I am also a certified Personal Trainer, Health Fitness Specialist and Group Exercise Instructor. I began powerlifting in December of 2014 and haven’t looked back!

When did you get into lifting and why?
I began lifting my Sophomore year of college. The gym was always something I enjoyed and I had done cardio for so long that I wanted a new challenge. I kind of just wandered around the gym, acted like I knew what I was doing, but never had a set plan. A few months later, I really focused on running long-distance. I was in a very unhealthy relationship at the time with someone who only believed in cardio and basically told me I had “tree trunks” as legs. This crushed me so I gave up lifting completely for about a year and a half. After ending that relationship and focusing on myself for a few months I decided to get back into it and actually train for a Bikini Competition. I enjoyed the process at the time but I wanted more than just to look good in a bikini. My current boyfriend, Josh was training in a “powerbuilding” style which immediately intrigued me. I began research on females in the powerlifting world and was so inspired by these women who were my size or smaller lifting insane amounts of weight. That’s when my passion for powerlifting began.

Best meet total to date? 
760lbs- As of August 2015

What is it like being a female powerlifting coach in such a male dominated industry?

Honestly, I think it is awesome. When people first see me they see a small, petite girl and have no idea what I am capable of underneath the barbell. I feel like I have been breaking the “norm” since starting my training and since getting a lot of my clients started on powerlifting programs. I think females are definitely slowly becoming more open to lifting heavy and building their confidence in the gym which is what I am all about.

What's your approach to nutrition?

I currently follow Flexible Dieting. In the past, I have experimented with pretty much every diet you can think of. I’ve done Paleo, Clean Eating and even Keto and nothing was sustainable for me. Flexible Dieting has changed my entire outlook on nutrition and has allowed me to find balance in all aspects of my life. During my clean eating approach I avoided social events and family parties because I was scared I was going to ruin my progress. I restricted so many foods especially carbs and was just miserable. Living a balanced life not only allows me to fuel my lifts properly, but I am SO much happier!

Favorite go to meal

Hmmm this is a tough one- I LOVE food! I would have to say a big breakfast full of eggs and pancakes!
Favorite cheat meal

The beauty of Flexible Dieting is that I don’t have cheat meals! If I am craving something I just fit it in my macros for the day. For example- ice cream is something I have almost daily because…well #icecreamgains ;)

3 tips for newbie lifters

  • Tip #1- Be confident. When I started lifting I cared so much about what others would think of me and I sort of let it consume me. Now, I walk into the gym with my headphones on, my game plan and eyes focused. Preparing your mentality is just as important as preparing your body when it comes to lifting.
  • Tip #2- Go to the gym with a plan. I personally follow a DUP (Daily Undulating Periodization) program. It is so important in any sport, but especially in powerlifting to follow some type of program. There are SO many out there so do your research and either construct one for yourself or hire a coach to do that for you.
  • Tip #3- Log every single workout. I can look back to last December and tell you exactly what I did and how much weight I lifted on the 17th. It is so motivating to see yourself progress through your training and this helps you plan for the future as well. Eliminating what works best for you and what didn’t work quite so well.

What get's you through the tough training sessions

Listening to some hardcore rap LOL. Dr.Dre and Eminem are my go-to playlists. I also envision myself on the platform at whatever meet I am training for. Having that picture in my head inspires the heck out of me.

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