Girls Who Powerlift: No Pants Sammi

Written By Ivy Knight - March 28 2016


November 17 2016

At 61 I started lifting, placed 1st in my 1st comp. Since then have had some injury’s, but really miss it, you give me hope that I can really compete again.

March 30 2016

I use to love powerlifting. I was my most confident and oddly at my heaviest weight. I’ve been struggling with my body since a recent major surgery. This was a great read. I hope to get back to that confident self one day. I’m finding power in unhealthy habits and I want to find the courage to lift again. Thanks Sammi

March 30 2016

I’m having a super off day and this this is exactly what I needed to read. I love that you weren’t afraid to take chances with your career and just moved all over until you found what made you happy. I feel stuck at the moment and feel held back because i know there’s wayyyy more to life than what I’m experiencing right now..I just have to take a leap of faith. Thanks for your awesome story.

Paul Lopez
March 29 2016

Love you Sammi… you have helped change my life for the better with your training and personal motivation in my life. Than you and God bless you!!

March 29 2016

I knew I liked Sammi but I know I love her now. SO INSPIRING. I’m just in aw right now. Such a good interview

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