You're In Control

Written By Ivy Knight - September 26 2016


December 20 2016

Just what I needed. I need a bit more aggression and start attacking the bar. My coach says I head f**k myself all the time.

September 26 2016

I love this article, and its a great reminder. Life has thrown me a lot of curve balls this past year, and I always feel better when I push past the lack of motivation and put in the work. I have my first meet coming up in December and my plan is to CRUSH the weight!

September 26 2016

What a great article! I too have gone through this and I never thought my lifts would get better, but changing my approach has made a huge difference.

September 26 2016

This is exactly what I needed to read. As I get closer to a meet I get more and more in my head. I feel like I get worse when attacking the bar the closer I get to a meet. I need to remind myself “This is what I’ve trained for”, and just get with it. Thanks for sharing a deeply personal side of lifting!

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