When and why should you wear a Belt

Written By Ivy Knight - October 11 2016


October 15 2016

Best Belts is another great option. I’ve had their Athlete, single prong belt for a a couple years (I had read that single prong is easier to put on and take off), and it’s worked well for me :-)

Great article! So much can be said on belts (what qualities to look for in one, how to wear it properly, etc.—perhaps topics you’ll write on later!), and I think this is focused on an initial and ongoing aspect on the topic for everybody (from beginners to advanced lifters): it introduces to beginners why the belt can be good to wear, and it reminds/informs current belt users about when’s best to use it. Yay!

October 11 2016

Spud Inc also has very affordable belts that would be good for a beginner getting used to belts and not wanting to spend so much without feeling it out first! :) great article! Spot on!!

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