What to expect on Meet Day- Part 1

Written by: Ivy Knight, USPA National Referee

You signed up for the meet, you trained and prepped, and you honed in on your technique. You did the work and now it’s the day before your meet. It’s 9 am and you walk into the location. You line up with a bunch of other lifters while the refs are seated at a table.

You’re next in line. 

You give them your name. And then they ask for your driver's license and your federation membership card. They confirm your age, your class, your division, and your events. 

Class- your age group. Open, JR, Submaster, or Master

Division- Raw, Classic Raw, Single Ply or Multi-Ply

Event- Full Power (all 3 lifts), Bench press only, Deadlift only or Push-pull (bench and deadlifts only)

Now the ref asks you to take out everything you will wear on the platform:


Deadlift socks


Shoes (all that you plan to wear on the platform)

Knee sleeves (if you wear them)

Wrist wraps (if you wear them)



… and a few other things depending on the federation you’re competing in. 

The ref will expect them to make sure that they follow the specs and dimensions.

Once everything is checked out you’ll wait to be called up to get weighed in. 

You’re all weighed in and it’s time to eat some food and get some rest. 

It’s MEET DAY!!!!!! 


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