I often relate powerlifting to life. For instance, when I’m going into an important meeting, I think about my breathing, my posture, I go through my talking cues, like when you’re about to step onto the platform. The idea of going 9 for 9 (getting all your lifts at a meet) is not really about perfection, it’s about progress. It’s about striving for something great. All powerlifters know and/or want the feeling of going 9 for 9 at a meet, the feeling of greatness, hitting PRs, putting everything on the line and accomplishing your goal. 

It’s important to take that mindset into life, off the platform. Crush it every day! 949 means no matter what you're doing, give it your all, your very best and if you fail get up and try it again.

"Perfection is desired.
However, the trials and mistakes
are what mold us.
The unyielding effort required
is the most honorable quality
we as lifters can possess.
So revel in your failures.
Celebrate your suffering.
Knowing that few can endure your path.
The platform is preserved for those
Willing to give it everything.
Willing to risk it all.
Without apology."
- 949

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