By Ivy Knight

If you are wondering what to buy the powerlifters in your life- look no further- we got you covered! 

From Our Friends

1. Live Large Fitness is perfect for the guy in your life- but make sure you grab something for yourself too!

2. LVD fitness is an awesome brand, based in Ottawa, Canada and we love their sleek and simple design!

3. Fleo Shorts is perfect for every lifter- powerlifters, Olympic lifters, fitspo, everyone who loves a good pair of shorts should check them out. 

4. A7- not only do we love the bar grip shirts from A7 but for those of you who are like me and hate shoes A7's deadlift slippers are worth a try,

5. Pioneer Fit- If you have a lifter in your life that's looking to upgrade their lifting belt you have to check out Pioneer fit's custom designed belts. It's every lifters dream!

6. Iron Strong Jewelry is the perfect place to find a little something special. 

7. Mya Emily sticker. Does your person need a special way to personalize her phone case, notebook or laptop? Get them a sticker!

8. Physcho Salts. Nothing says, "from one powerlifter to another" quite like smelling salts.

9. Etra. Looking for a cool way to brighten up your training? Try some colored chalk!  

 But what if she only likes GWPL gear?

From Us

1. Omega Red Wrist Wraps- if she's in need of a gear upgrade start with these! 

2. Mini Buttons- the perfect accessory for a hat, gym bag or back pack

3. Be cuffs- pretty and empowering! 

4. Defiant Beanie- keep the ears warm in the coolest way.

5. Handler's pack- the perfect gift for the best handler's! 

6. Mama Bear muscle tank- we all know a Mama Bear, get her a shirt to match how awesome she is. 

7. War Ready sports bra- Keep those girls high and tight

8. Barbell Keychain- small but sweet and perfect for every powerlifter.

9. Sumo Studs- some call it a cheater pull but that's because they're dumb... if you're not dumb these are a really great gift!

10. GWPL 001 sticker- dress up your laptop or water bottle in the strongest way!

11. GWPL Gear- New clothes is like gifting 101

12. GWPL Gift Card- when in doubt let her pick it out!



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