Stop Squatting Like a Stripper

Written by Corey Knight

We know dancing like Beyonce is fun but under a squat bar is not the time

When squatting ideally you want your chest and hips to rise at the same time shoutout to Lombard's paradox! But that only works if our bodies stay in sync/balance.

When the load gets heavy or fatigue starts to set in, does your chest go forward and your booty in the air?

*** There’s a lot of nuisances as to why some people perform squats like a stripper but for the sake of this blog we’ll do over some basic corrections that might help** 

Power Triangle:

I first heard this from an old Ed Coan seminar then again from Donnie Thompson. When you are coming up out of the bottom of the squat. Think more about raising your back then driving with your legs. I find that most people don't have to think about pushing with their legs but many new lifters forget that your back is doing a lot of work and there’s no mental intent to raise the bar, not just drive your legs.

Donnie Thompson explains it as a power triangle. Its a great visual


Squat Timing Movements:

1 and ½ Squats: This movement is used to help drill in the proper movement pattern for your main lift. By coming up a little less than half way, then back down and up into a full rep. 

** Be sure to record from the side and watch how your chest/shoulder moves according to your hip, they should move at the same time. 

Tempo Squats: I love tempo because they're truly humbling. I like to see athletes move like a ticking robot here, being in total control of the weight and movement. I notice that I become very aware at what part of my body is taking over and what parts are trying to avoid helping lift the weight. I then plan accessories accordingly. 

Other body parts to work on:

Upper Back: A weak upper back will cause you to lose position so let's take notes from strongman athletes. If you have been doing all the high cable rows you can do, go try loading some stones and farmer carries. It's an excellent way to build the upper back.

Abs: There’s a gazillion ab movements and you already know this…STOP SKIPPING THEM!

(if you don't know what to do I recommend Stir the pots, dead bugs, ab rollouts and suitcase carries)


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