RECAP: The Jenn 2016

The Jenn was quite possibly the most amazing weekend ever. It came at a time in my life where I was deficient in passion. Watching, Jenn Rotsinger, who is incredibly reserved when you first meet her, walk on stage and make an entire crowd of people erupt was incredible. At 112 lbs, she went for a world record deadlift of 413 lbs. Although, she did not make the lift, as Richard Ficca himself put it, “Some of the best lifts don’t need white lights”. You’ve probably all seen the video but in case you haven’t, the weight broke the floor, her knees locked out and then she passed out. The whole room was screaming, jumping up and down and clapping as she lifted it. There was more passion in her 112 lb frame than some people have in their entire lives. She is one incredible lady and that will be a moment I never forget.

That was the biggest highlight, but there were so many more. The weekend was filled with girls who hadn’t learned of the meet until two weeks prior come and break several records and qualify for the nationals was just down right cool. Watching 15 year old phenoms pull numbers some grown men would never dream of. Seeing the great Tony Conyers’ eyes light up watching his daughter lift. And seeing two little girls in the crowd hold up a sign that said, “Go Mom #strong” every time their mom walked on stage. It was magical.

As I sat there at my booth, watching the women on stage, I regretted not signing up to compete myself. I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to be a part of the legendary event that was the first annual The Jenn Rotsinger’s Women’s Empowerment weekend in Tampa, Florida.

I’ve heard that there is absolutely going to be a second annual event and I implore all of you, if you are not going to compete, just be there. Support women and companies that support women. It’s so important for there to be event like this for us and only us! The world of women’s powerlifting is growing but we have to do our part to keep it alive.   

I’m so happy to have met some of you in person. We shared hugs and selfies and sometimes tears but it was another affirmation for the reason why I do what I do. I love you guys and the support you give me is so appreciated!


  • Derek W: February 08, 2017

    Hi, I wanted to do som record checking and the internet has been a bit ambiguous. Powerliftingwatch lists the WR squat without wraps at 340 (by Jen) but I hear she squatted 341.5 at this meet, was she in sleeves or wraps? (also was this on calibrated plates with accredited judges?) I hope to clear up any confusion I have as I find it important to keep track of records and results…

  • Laura Decker: June 29, 2016

    I love all the great moments that are captured in these pictures, especially with the competitors and their coaches. It’s an amazing bond and definitely a team effort – the coaches deserve ALOT of credit for keeping their athletes inspired and motivated while kicking their asses at the gym, especially on those days when we feel neither motivated nor inspired!

  • MollyH: June 28, 2016

    I am so inspired by this post! Just getting into PL, so this was perfect. I’ll definitely be there next year!

  • Sandra Daniel: June 28, 2016

    I competed in the 20

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