RECAP: The Jenn 2016

Written By Ivy Knight - June 28 2016


Derek W
February 08 2017

Hi, I wanted to do som record checking and the internet has been a bit ambiguous. Powerliftingwatch lists the WR squat without wraps at 340 (by Jen) but I hear she squatted 341.5 at this meet, was she in sleeves or wraps? (also was this on calibrated plates with accredited judges?) I hope to clear up any confusion I have as I find it important to keep track of records and results…

Laura Decker
June 29 2016

I love all the great moments that are captured in these pictures, especially with the competitors and their coaches. It’s an amazing bond and definitely a team effort – the coaches deserve ALOT of credit for keeping their athletes inspired and motivated while kicking their asses at the gym, especially on those days when we feel neither motivated nor inspired!

June 28 2016

I am so inspired by this post! Just getting into PL, so this was perfect. I’ll definitely be there next year!

Sandra Daniel
June 28 2016

I competed in the 20

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