Written by: Prisilla Navarro

Being a mom of three for me comes before anything else it always has.  I'm also a wife and business owner, most recently added a second business. Needless to say, I'm crazy busy.  Honestly, that's all I've ever known, I've always worked and juggled three small kids and being a wife.  It's never been easy especially making time for myself.

Before powerlifting, I had major anxiety that sent me to the hospital even.  Since I started going to the gym I found that it helped me so much not only with my anxiety but it helped me start taking care of me and not just everyone else.  It's so hard as a mother to find the time to focus on yourself but I have to say it's an absolute must.  I've learned to be selfish and let me tell you, ladies, there is nothing wrong with being a little selfish. There is nothing wrong with having some time to yourself no matter what it is you like to do. It was definitely hard at first to make myself a priority but it has helped me keep sane and feel so much better about myself that I stopped making excuses and feeling guilty about having "me" time.  

My situation now that my kids are older is not as hard as it used to be.  My kids are old enough where they don't need a sitter to stay alone a few hours if they need to be.  I try to train when they are in school. I pretty much try to do whatever I can while they are in school so when they are off I can focus on their activities. My whole family lifts so that makes it easier as well since we all need to train and share that in common. 

I know everyone's situation is different but there's always a way to make it work. Things haven't always been as they are now but even when they were younger I made it a priority to get my workouts done, no excuses.  Adding our second business  (opening a gym) I'm hoping will be an even better situation to do what I love and have my whole family with me doing it as well.

  I can't say it enough to all you mothers make time for yourself make yourself a priority! It's all possible you just have to want it and you'll find a way. After all, if mom is happy everyone else will be as well 😉 

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