Hard Yards Training - Barbells, Braids and Beats

Hard Yards, Barbells Braids Beats

Hard Yard held there 2nd Barbells, Braids and Beats powerlifting competition this past June. 18 competitors, young and old, some with a couple of years of lifting experience vs some with only a couple of months! Their first competition was in Nov 2015 where they had 11 lifters #ThatGrowthDoe.

Emma McRae opened the gym in April 2015 and becoming more and more involved in powerlifting, had the opportunity to teach clients about the sport and get them involved. "Moving away from 'bodybuilding' style training where the focus is predominantly on aesthetics towards powerlifting has completely changed the environment at the gym for the better.  My girls are loving seeing what their bodies can DO (rather than scrutinizing how they look) and are hungry to set strength goals and achieve them.  The competitions are a chance for them to showcase all of their hard work." says Emma.

Hard Yard Training

"The level of support amongst the girls is something that has to be experienced to be believed. Family and friends who come along are in awe of what the girls can do but also how much support there is for one another. It feels like a family bbq with lifting", said one of the moms who came to watch. Emma agreed and went on to say, "That's a pretty accurate description. The reason I love it so much is because while we're getting stronger and kicking goals, we're also creating an overwhelmingly positive experience for everyone involved (competitors, family, friends) and therefore creating a positive and fresh outlook on what it means to be a girl who powerlifts. My goal is to spread the word about the sport and show girls what their bodies are capable of and the amazing experiences that can be had if you get involved."

Thank you so much Emma for continuing to be a force in the powerlifting community and working towards bringing us ladies together. 

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  • Bonnie: July 12, 2016

    I wish I had a gym like this near me! I would love to have this feeling of community.

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