Gym PRs VS Meet Prs

Written By Ivy Knight - August 11 2016


September 19 2016

I started powerlifting when it was introduced in India by my late father. Still mentally attached. Woul like to follow girlswho powerlift!

August 25 2016

This is brilliant and speaks volumes as to what almost all us ladies feel. Thanks for the read!

August 13 2016

Bonnie, you got this!! You WILL do great!!! I just did my 3rd meet a couple weeks ago. I have yet to reach my goal of 9 out of 9, but I have to remind myself at every meet, I’m up there doing something not many people could do. I’m 44 YO with horrible anxiety and I’m in the best shape of my life so that yo me is a huge accomplishment. YOU GOT THIS!!! Great article!! #plfl

August 12 2016

This is just what I needed to read after registering for my first competition! I’m excited and terrified. While I would love to score high, I know that may not be very likely since this is my first time. It’s so different from training in the gym or at home in my basement. Just being there is going to be a PR for me!

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