Written by: Precilla Navarro 

Getting unwelcome input from people you don't know is annoying. I guess it's what we signed up for the moment we decided to create my daughter's Instagram page. Most of the unsolicited input we receive come from people who are uneducated in lifting weights. They regurgitate old myths they've grown up hearing. Trying to convince someone they're wrong over social media is pointless and just makes us both look stupid. There is no use in arguing with people who you don't even know. Some of these people believe they know it all and some just don't have anything better to do with their time.   Although a few times in the beginning I did get into it with a few because the mama bear in me had to say something.  My husband kept calm and help keep me from losing it more than once. 

Everyone has their opinions on whether kids should be lifting which I can respect. I can't change their minds when they think kids shouldn't lift. What I don't respect is comments that are completely uncalled for. Examples "it's going to stunt her growth", "that's child abuse", "those parents should kill themselves", just to name a few.  We have heard it all!  Obviously rude and mean comments get deleted and the person gets blocked.  Addyson is only 8 so we don't let her run her own account. We don't need her reading those negative comments. We rarely receive any negativity on her Instagram and she has a huge amount of support that we are extremely thankful for.  We obviously can't control what people say when she gets reposted on someone else's page. We simply ignore the critics and let Addy continue doing what she enjoys.

We will continue to support our kids, we have three, in whatever it is they're passionate about.  At the end of the day, we are their parents, not social media. Their opinions won't change how we choose to raise our children. So to any of you parents who are getting your kids into lifting don't let the opinions of others influence you in any way. You know your child better than anyone.

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  • Pam hamilton : August 02, 2017
    Get it girl . My daughter is 12 she started when she was 11 she loves it and never even dreamed she would like it . She’s number one in Texas and her wright and is going to a regional meet this weekend in Gulfport Mississippi . She will also be going to the youth nationals in Spokane Washington in February . Can’t listen to the haters .

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