Written by Priscilla Navarro

Addy bird and her brother did it, competed in their first powerlifting meet.  They both had been training since March for this and it all paid off. We traveled two nights before because we wanted them to be well rested for the actual day. I'm glad we did because we were able to make sure they ate well and were properly hydrated the day before. 

We had to be there at 6:30 am to start the day. I was worried that I would have a cranky Addy bird but she woke up very excited and nervous.  "Mommy I have butterflies in my stomach", she said. Little did she know, I was freaking out too. I told her it's ok to be nervous but she had no reason to be because we knew she would do great. My husband got her warmed up for squats and once they both got their first squat attempts out of the way we were all a bit more relaxed. Addy and my son ended up going 9 for 9 all white lights except Addy got one red on her last deadlift. 

The whole day she kept saying, "I'm going to get all white lights". I kept telling her, "just try your hardest but it's ok if you don't".  Her first attempt deadlift was not ideal, the plates that were used weren't  the height that she usually trains with and it ended up being as if she were doing a deadlift deficit. It took more out of her then we would have wanted.  Her second deadlift was easy it flew and was normal height. The third deadlift was a PR at 132lbs, she ended up throwing her technique out the window and made the pull a lot harder than it needed to be.  It wasn't pretty at all but she ended up getting it with 2 out of 3 lights. The moment she saw the red she immediately hugged her dad and lost it.  When I got to her I told her, "you got the lift! It's ok! You did great!", but she wasn't having it. She kept saying "no I didn't! I got a red light". She was so hard on herself and we were shocked to see her so upset because we didn't put any kind of pressure on them.  I thought I had prepared her enough in case she didn't get a lift. Boy was I wrong.  It took a little while of consoling her and other people helped with that to get her back to her happy self. 

Even with all of this, the day was great.  My husband did amazing job coaching them. From warming them up and picking their attempts. I think we all learned a lot from this first one and it will make her next meet that much better.  She was so surprised at how many people knew who she was and was so happy to meet them. Overall she loved it and is already training for the next one. She ended up with Prs on all three lifts.  She competed in the 8/9 yr old 30kg weight class and ended with an 82.7lb squat, 44.1lb bench and 132.3lb deadlift. I have to say thank you to all those who have been so supportive of her it really means a lot to us. 

Addy bird's thoughts on the meet -
It was amazing I would definitely do it again. All of them were so kind and helpful there was so many amazing people.  I did good I think it was a nice meet.  I got my first medal.

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