Every mama is a strong mama

Written by: Ivy Knight

This one is for the mama’s who tried their best! And yes..I mean, ALL OF US!

I remember watching incredible pregnany women lift heavy and I would cheer them on!! It was truly awe inspiring! And then I got pregnant.

I had a rough first trimester. 

As someone who wasn’t planning their pregnancy, I was very anxious. And as someone who already had previous back, neck and hip injuries just being pregnant was sometimes painful.

But I did my best to keep lifting… unfortunately it did not go according to plan.

I remember feeling disappointed in myself. 

And then someone reminded me that my body may not have been able to lift heavy weights but it was still incredible. I was growing a human!

If you’re like me, watching all of those incredible women lift heavy and wondering why it’s not you remember these few things: 

They’re incredible AND so are you! Just like any other time in our lives, we should never compare ourselves to others. We simply don’t know what, why or how someone else can or can’t do something. And it doesn’t matter. Focus on how amazing you are and the adventure your body is on! You’re making a human!! That makes you a super hero!

Your body is doing the most right now! Don’t get mad at it or yourself. Be proud of it!! Making a baby and keeping yourself healthy is the most important thing right now. If that means that you can’t lift as heavy as you want, that’s ok. The weights will be there when you’re ready!

Root them on anyway! If you see a pregnant mama lifting we should all root her on! And even if you can’t lift as heavy, you can still be a cheerleader! And remember that she is thinking about how awesome you are too because being pregnant is challenging for all of us!

Remember, enjoy your pregnancy, stay healthy, you’re doing amazing! 


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