Improve Your Squat with Smarter Accessory Work

Written By Ivy Knight - February 01 2016


Desi G
October 01 2016

Hey I feel I can’t get low into a squat due to getting a stuck sensation at the front of my hips. Anyone else got this and have any tricks to improve?

September 29 2016

Go easy beating yourself up about age. I’m 66 and started last May and am loving the results!

Michelle A Meazell
September 29 2016

Again with the great article! I have been doing front squats in addition to my back squats and i have noticed an improvement in getting my butt out of the hole! :) Loving the content.

Oh and for the lady that said she’s 36 – I’m 40 in December and have been lifting for almost 5 years – definitely never too late to start this awesome way of life!

September 29 2016

I tend to get stuck in the middle. I have to lean forward a bit, as I do a low-bar squat and have long femurs. Otherwise, I find my knees jut out in front of my toes and if I’m super upright, it creates a lot of compound pressure on my lower back. Since I switched to low-bar, I’ve also been doing tension squats, paused squats, step-ups, and split squats to build strength and some patience through sticking points. The step-ups and split squats have worked WONDERS for my stability and hip-strength in the squat.

Shikha Chauhan
May 13 2016

I’m a novice powerlifter and am 36! A bit late in life but never too late! So, I need some advice on how to prove my squats ? I have trouble with depth, I panic a bit and drop the squat and I feel I’m unable to control it. I feel like I’m going to tip over or fall. I know it’s a technique issue. what can I do to improve this? What accessory exercises can I do specifically to improve my depth? Thanks in anticipation girls !

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