There's this special time of the month that us ladies dread. Although it's a necessary part of life, it's definitely not conducive to lifting. Let's be honest, it sucks. It hurts, it makes you feel bloated, emotional and down right blegh. But if you're training for a meet, missed training sessions are not an option. So how do we can we ride the crimson tide and survive?

  • Be prepared: The last thing you need is for Aunt Flo to come visit when you're at the gym in the middle of training. I keep tampons in a little inconspicuous pouch or case in my gym bag like this
  • Medicate: Pain killers are wonderful during that time. Midol can make you go from feeling like a pillow case full of led to floating on sunshine. Pop one of those babies before you hit the gym and it should last for a reasonable amount of time. 
  • Vitamins: Energy levels may be a little low during this time so pop some B12 it might help kick things up a notch. If you have problems sleeping which doesnt help with feeling tired try some Magnesium. It helps with recovery and for myself aids in getting a good nights rest.
  • Just remember life isn't over: Sometimes all you want to do is stay in bed, eat ice cream and cry while you watch The Hunger Games for the 18th time. (Am I the only one that balls when she volunteers as tribute?) If you can't muster up the energy to get in a training session, it's ok, life will go on. Stay in bed, veg out and cry. Get back in the game tomorrow.

It's an unfortunate eventuality that we must go through but its what makes us tougher than the boys. Just keep going. Keep pushing and getting stronger! And be thankful it's only once a month!

** Great read on the Hormone Cycle By T-Nation HERE


  • S M: September 09, 2016

    So glad it’s been mentioned, there’s literally nothing in the hundreds of female health and fitness mags about having your period and training. Will try the magnesium and B12 next time. Have to say that before I started training, my periods were much worse – longer and more painful. Since I started training every day, it’s far less intense. Or is it just that my body is so used to pain from training that I barely notice?! :D (insert pensive emoji here)

  • Michelle A Meazell: May 13, 2016

    Oh, Ivy… You’re just blessed to not have to deal with it!! Mine started today and I’m just exhausted, emotional, and want to eat everything in sight!

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