Beginners Guide: How To Pick A Powerlifting Program

Written By Ivy Knight - December 14 2015


June 22 2017

Great article. I have been getting back into powerlifting and have brought my highschool daughter along as my lifting buddy. She plays softball for her school and the weight training that they get at school is not well coached or monitored. We have been using Stronglifts 5×5. It might be interesting for her to meet and talk with other women and girls her age who powerlift. Any clubs or recommendations for the Nashville TN area?

May 11 2016

How about some powerlifting programs written by women?

For a beginner I would recommend Jenn Sinkler and Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake’s program “Unapologetically Powerful”. Available on their website.

For a beginner, intermediate and even advanced I would recommend Becca Abrahams “Belle of the Bar Powerlifting Program”. It’s available on Amazon. I’m currently running it, and it’s really hitting my weaknesses hard. I’m prepping for a meet in September, and I really think I’m going to be a much stronger, more well rounded lifter by then.

Lauren Gunther
December 19 2015

I highly recommend DC blocks for deadlifting blocks. They are very affordable, lighter in weight-but can take a ton of abuse and heavy weights smashed onto them, and they are easy to transport . They are used in my gym and they are great!

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