Beginners Guide: How To Plan Your First Meet

Written By Ivy Knight - January 04 2016


September 26 2016

This is great advice and just what I needed. My 1st competition is on the horizon and this article answered a lot of my questions.

Dee Belle-Isle
September 06 2016

I was the doofus, missed my first bench attempt because I jumped the commands, then stupidly took someone’s advice and upped the weight. Second attempt, commands, OK, but could not get the barbell up. Last try – focusing so hard on getting/staying tight, totally blew every command. Boo Hoo.

Also, should have upped the weight on attempt number three for squats and deads because I could have done more.

It was hard to do my first competition without a coach or someone to take care of the details – next weight choice, etc.

Also, did too much of a warm up on my bench because that was the lift I was most worried about. I tired myself out before my lift.

Back to the training drawing board to work on those bench presses! Looking forward to my next meet!

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