How To Get Through A Tough Workout

Written By Ivy Knight - December 14 2015


March 23 2019

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April 11 2017

I struggle every day with my mental health, so anytime I can’t deal with a tough workout, I remind myself how low I can feel without exercise, and that even though I may not be doing as well as I wanted to that day, it’s a constant work in progress. I’m a work in progress.

Raye Bonham Carter
March 31 2016

I am in a constant state of recovery from my eating disorder. I have put 30 healthy pounds back on my 5’10’’ frame. When I’m lifting and feel my body begin to shake and my brain scream for me to drop the bar, I look at myself in the mirror and mouth over and over, “You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy.”

Paige miller
March 31 2016

I needed this, yesterday was that day for me and I keep beating myself up over it. Thank you <3

March 31 2016

I talk myself through it and focus on my basics. I trust my body, trust my fundamentals, make sure my technique is on point for each rep. I will repeat “core tight, chin tucked, hold the arch, breathe, you got it” That takes me out of my head or my distraction or from psyching myself out.

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