7 Tips For Traveling For A Meet

7 Tips For Traveling For A Meet

Written by Solana Lewis

Powerlfiting is fun. Going to meets is fun. Traveling is also fun. But put them all together and it can be a little stressful. So here's some help!

Bring all of your meet day equipment with you in your carry on. Carry-on is the key word here. The worst thing that could happen is your checked bags gets lost and all your meet day gear is in that luggage. Instead put all your gear in your carry on so that you will have it with you at all times.

Here's what you need to bring:

  • Squat, bench, deadlift shoes

  • Squat & deadlift socks

  • Knee sleeves

  • T shirt

  • Singlet

  • Belt

  • Wrist wraps

  • Meet day underwear

  • Meet day earphones

  • Meet day supplements (one’s you can’t easily buy at a convenience store)

  • Daily Medications

  • Trioral (if needed) 

Arrive early at least 48 hours before you compete. Stress on meet day is big enough. But when you're coming off a plane and especially if you are changing time zones you will need time to settle in and get some rest before the big day!

Book a hotel/ house with a kitchen. Proper nutrtion is of the utmost importance and having control of that is a huge deal. If you can’t find a house or room with a kitchen, look up what restaurants are around you. Then map out exactly what you will be eating leading up to the meet and have a plan where just a microwave and/or a fridge will be enough. 

Bring tupperware for meet day food. If you have space in your luggage bring your food containers with you instead of having to spend the extra money.

Bring a scale with you if you are cutting weight. Again, reducing stress is the name of the game! If you can fit a scale bring it so there are no surprises on the day of your meet.

Find a gym in advance. Finding a gym nearby is important if you need to train wherever you are traveling to. This is also a good idea if you're cutting and might need to get to a sauna.

Check out the venue ahead of time. Getting the lay of the land will give you a good sense of where everything is and where you will be on meet day.

I hope these tips helped! Have a great meet day!!



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