5 Upper Back Accesories You May Have Forgetten About

Don't lie... when you're standing in the mirror flexing, you take a peak over shoulder at your upper back and admire a little. Beyond that, a strong upper back is also necessary for your big 3 lifts!

So when you're focusing on your upper back don't forget to utilize these 5 accessories.

Pull-ups: This exercise targets your latissimus dorsi muscle, which is the largest muscle in your upper back. Pull-ups can be challenging, so it's important to start with a modification that suits your fitness level. You can use an assisted pull-up machine or resistance bands to make the exercise easier.

Rows: Rows are a great way to target the muscles between your shoulder blades. You can perform rows with dumbbells, a barbell, or a cable machine. One-arm dumbbell rows and bent-over barbell rows are particularly effective.

Face pulls: Face pulls target your upper back and shoulders. To perform this exercise, attach a rope to a cable machine and pull it towards your face. This exercise helps to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles, which can help to prevent shoulder injuries.

Reverse fly: This exercise targets the muscles in your upper back and shoulders. To perform this exercise, hold a pair of dumbbells and bend over with your knees slightly bent. Then, lift the dumbbells out to the side, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Superman: This exercise targets your lower back, but it also helps to strengthen your upper back muscles. Lie face down on the ground and extend your arms and legs. Then, lift your arms and legs off the ground as high as you can while squeezing your shoulder blades together.

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