The first time I picked up a barbell was in 2014.

My first meet was in 2016.

Since that first meet I’ve competed in a few more, I’ve handled tons of athletes and I became a USPA State judge. I love meets! I love the chalk in the air, the adrenaline, the jitters, the screaming, the crowd and all the passion that goes into it. Whether I’m competing, handling, reffing, sponsoring or simply spectating I always leave having learned something new. Here a few tips I have for meet day.

Have a good handler: You handler is like your parent for the day. They become your coach, your decision makers, your caretaker, your cheerleader, and your assistant. Need something? They got it! What’s your next attempt? They got it! How far out are you? They got it!  Your handler should be someone that you can trust, has your best interests in mind. They are there to let you be great but not let you injure yourself in the process. Communication is necessary but so is accessibility. Click here to check out the fanny pack that makes every handler’s job a little easier.

Have all your gear: You should have everything you will use on the platform at gear check. You singlet, t-shirt, socks, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, knee wraps, lifting belt, any and all shoes you wear during your lifts. They will even check your underwear! You will also need your up-to-date membership card and your id.

Your gear should be stuff you're used to lifting with but if you need something new get it far enough in advance to make sure that you like it and you get comfortable enough to use it on the platform. You might also think about bringing ammonia, baby powder and a travel sized safety kit, just in case.

Know the rules: So you decided to powerlift and then you decide to do a meet! Pick a meet and find out which federation that meet is sanctioned by. Then your next job is to learn the rules of that federation. Find the rule book online and read. Does your attire need to have certain specifications? Are there brand limitations? Do you know the specific lift commands? This can be a little overwhelming but the more you know the better and ask questions.

Have a good attitude: Powerlifting is hard and we sacrifice a lot to get a total but at the end of the day, it’s about empowerment. Feeling good about yourself and helping others feel good about themselves. If you don’t believe that, that’s ok. I’m still gonna cheer you on if I ever see you at a meet because it’s what I love most about powerlifting. Everyone at a meet knows what it took to get there and they are ready to scream your name when it is your turn on the platform. Do the same for them. At most meets the judges, spotters, loaders, and other staff are there as volunteers. They are sacrificing their physical bodies and their time to make sure you have a great meet. Be nice to them. Show them your gratitude. A thank you and fist bump can go along way.

Train hard and have fun!

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