2016 USAPL Raw Nationals Recap

Written By Ivy Knight - October 26 2016


Brian Mott
October 27 2016

It was nice to meet you at Raw Nats. Thanks for letting me take a picture of you and my daughter together. I think I was more excited than her to get the photo. She is fourteen and just over a year into Powerlifting. I hope she has as much passion as you do for this sport and continues to be a strong woman.

October 27 2016

So happy I got to meet you in person! So happy I got to meet SO MANY friends I met through GWPL in person. The pictures are beautiful!

October 26 2016

What a great article!!! It was so nice to meet the person behind Girls Who Power Lift!!! You are an amazing person!! I can’t wait to sit and chit chat with you more in the future! ?

October 26 2016

Bianca and I were so honored to meet you and had fun shopping too! We are so grateful for the huge contribution YOU have made to this sport we love. I wouldn’t even have thought about participating in competing if i hadn’t stumbled on gwpl on IG and felt so inspired and encouraged. Thank you!

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