Powerlifting and The Law of Attraction

Written By Ivy Knight - June 09 2016


June 10 2016

Great article and so much truth! I am the only girl I know of at my gym that lifts heavy so I tend to train alone or around the guys. They are very cool about it but it’s a different dynamic for sure. And I am significantly older than most girls I know who even go to the gym so it makes finding someone like-minded even harder. But that’s OK because I do it because I love it. It would be awesome to have another female to train with though. Thank you for your articles and site. It’s nice to know there are lots of us out there!

June 09 2016

Very good article. I couldn’t agree more! I have been struggling for awhile finding a support group with like minded females to train with in my area. Thank you for all your awesome articles!

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