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We’ve come a long way in the sport. We’d like to say, “I can do anything you can do better”, but the truth is, physically, we are not as strong as most men, especially female powerlifters compared to male powerlifters. Males and females are just different. But that isn’t to say that one  is less than the other. We’ve gotten to the point of receiving respect for our achievements in powerlifting and also the respect from our male counterparts, and our WILKS scores are pretty awesome! I came across this article that lists 20 Things Men Should Know About Women Powerlifter. It’s from the female perspective written by a man (with the help of a few ladies) with a clear respect for us and the ways we’re different, not only different from men but that we’re different from what THEY think. Hope you enjoy!!

  1. We’re not training with you to date you.
  2. We’re here to train just as hard as you.
  3. We know what we are doing.  Advice is welcomed as long as it is not demeaning.
  4. Don’t be afraid to spot us.
  5. If you think female powerlifters are “too manly,” you should probably lift more.
  6. Don’t coddle me in the gym. Just because I am a woman doesn't mean I won't train as hard as you.  Because of my size, I won't be able to push as much weight as you, but I will definitely try as hard as you.
  7. Don't assume because I am both a woman and a powerlifter that I am dumb.  I know lifters in general have the stereotype of being dumb and shallow.  I am neither.
  8. Don't assume you know me from the way I look.
  9. We pay attention to detail, so give us feedback. Don’t just say “good job” and move on.
  10. We want to be challenged and coached. We are comfortable training with guys…don’t baby us.
  11. We can usually handle more volume, so while following the same training as the guys can be good, know that our training needs are different as well.
  12. Let us take more warm-up sets. We can’t just “quarter, plate, quarter, plate” like you guys do. Let us build volume in our warm-up sets.
  13. We don't want to hear we're too muscular. We are not lifting to impress you!
  14. Just because we lift weights we are still feminine in every single way.
  15. I don’t like when you just stare like you’ve never seen a woman lift weights before. SAY SOMETHING!!! Nice but.....good lift....anything besides the creepy stare.
  16. I don’t need to take it easy because I’m a woman. I want to go hard and lift heavy.
  17. I can't speak for all women, but psychologically everyone does things for a reason, nothing is accident. With that being said, as a person who did not feel confident before I started lifting, the stronger I got outside the stronger and more confident I felt inside in everything I did as a mom, wife, and employer. We lift and continue to lift for ourselves. Even though we complete with each other we love to help other women to feel empowered as well. We love to be intense when we lift but we may celebrate as a girl when we dominate the weight. Contrary to what some people think, we love being women and we are not lifting to be a guy.
  18. How men react, respond or identify with female lifters is more a reflection on their own self-esteem and value for women.
  19. If a women lifting can be a game changer in a relationship, that’s on you.

Posted with Permission from Author Eric Maroscher 

I loved this so much I got some of the GWPL Nation to chime in:

  • @a_naked_person_just "Yes, I squat. No, you can't touch it"
  • @criseldabrah "A girl being stronger than you does not take anything away from you. Treat us as an equal and use it as motivation."
  • @criseldabrah "The average man would assume any woman is weaker than he, little do they know, many women powerlifters can prove them wrong."
  • @demileighd_ "I'm more than my raw total."
  • @liftlikejessica "If you are going to watch my set, at least, follow it up with a high five after!"
  • @coop_strong "You aren't the only ones that are strong and who enjoy lifting. We're strong and enjoy it just as much!"
  • @msbarbellbarbie "Don't ask us why we are crying! Could be one reason or several, depending on the day. We just need to get it out."
  • @mollykm "Just because I'm stronger than you doesn't mean I have a penis." 
  • @cryssaboo "If you want to date me, you better have my In n Out post-workout memorized. Or we're gonna have a problem. 
  • @dopelatinaaa "No I will not break my back by arching my bench press"
  • @autumnpeach101 "Women powerlifters instantly get stereotyped. Many would assume that she must be a manly looking. . . . but that's far from the truth. I love being a woman. I like makeup, fashion, high heels and nail polish. I just so happen to also like lifting a crap ton of weights.


  • Claire: August 30, 2016

    I want to get into lifting weights to tone myself up not to get ‘big’. I don’t know where to start and am not confident enough to go to a gym! Any ideas?

  • Darrell Banning: July 22, 2016

    Strong muscular women are beautiful and sexy! Whether stranger, friend, or girlfriend helping my female counterparts not only strengthens them but strengthens me as well! Keep it up girls! I’m cheering for ya!

  • Chrissy : July 20, 2016

    That we’re Bad Ass! The End.

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