So this is ME! This page is actually run by a real girl who powerlifts LOL. This interview was done kind of impromptu. I was and still am kind of hesitant to put this out there. It's easy to be the person behind the computer. It's easy to tell another girl that it doesn't matter what you look like, but the truth is that when it's you, it's hard to put yourself out there. My fear is that someone will see me and think "WTF! This is the girl behind the page" and be disappointed. But I've gotten to the point where, if that's how you feel than you don't get the movement. I made this page for motivation and inspiration for girls like me. I never knew it would become what it has. I'm so proud to be the platform for sisterhood and love amongst other girls. But I'm a real person, with insecurities and uncertainty about who I am and what I look like. I'm not where I want to be but how can I encourage and support all of you if I stay behind the lens.

So boom! Here I am.. love it or hate it. Thank you so much for your support and love throughout the journey of GWPL but also my own journey. I've talked to some of you about my personal life and asked you personal questions. I've met some of you at meets and events and I've received nothing but love. I can't express how much I appreciate it and how much I will continue to need it throughout my personal journey. Hope you guys enjoy the video


  • Tia: November 01, 2016

    I just wanted to say you are beautiful and inspiring. I am 38 and I started powerlifting 3 yrs ago and for the first time in my life I felt strong in every sense. I still battle with body image but when it’s just me and the bar I feel indestructible.
    Keep up GWPL it keeps me forever motivated to be my best version of me.
    Thankyou x

  • Lucy : October 26, 2016

    Girl you are amazing & beautiful! I love your dedication and your awesome story. It brought me to tears. You are strong inside and out. It’s all about who you know & believe yourself to be;) Best wishes!!

  • NJ: October 26, 2016

    You are beyond awesome, Ivy!!!! Thanks for posting this and sharing your story with the world. We are JUST STRONG!

  • Nikita: October 25, 2016

    You got me all teary! I’m always amazed by the girls on your social media channels. I’m so far behind where some of those girls are, but so far ahead of where I used to be. You’re an inspiration!

  • Andrea: October 25, 2016

    You are the best! Your video showed how much passion you have for this incredible sport. I’m 42 and only started lifting last year because my spouse started training and competing. Never anticipated liking it, let alone LOVING it as much as I do. The community you’ve created is amazing! Keep it up!!

  • kautiouz: October 24, 2016

    Thanks so much and keep moving!!!

  • Allison : October 24, 2016

    This literally brought me to tears! You’re an amazing person and you are sending out such a great message to women out there about loving yourself. Keep it up!

  • Rebecca: October 24, 2016

    I needed this! Thank you for posting!!! So much love and hugs from San Antonio! Keep lifting!!!

  • Kendra Cunningham: October 24, 2016

    You’re amazing, and your video brought tears…so inspirational. I’m like you (except much older) I struggle with my weight, but the empowerment I feel from powerlifting, the confidence it gives me is amazing…it’s helped me keep off the 100 I lost. Keep going, you are awesome!

  • Julie: October 24, 2016

    Wow, just watched this video. It was just what I needed. I have been a member of a powerlifting Gym here in Cairns, far North Queensland, Australia. I am 55, not slim but love powerlifting. I am struggling and feeling like a failure. I am no where near where I should be. Thank you for being the beautiful person you are. Jules

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