Making My Passion My Job

Written By Ivy Knight - June 28 2016


July 24 2016

Love this. Words straight from the heart. Life is all about Passion, once you find what it is that makes you tick, things start to make sense. Lifting changed me in so many ways, the stronger I become physically, the stronger I become mentally. Its therapy, its an outlet, its my passion. Will continue to follow all you girls on here, lots of love from Edinburgh x Kim

Shaunette Nelson
July 03 2016

I am a 33 yrs old. I’m a lady boss in Corporate America, a wife, a mother of 2 teens and a set of 10 month old twins. As you can imagine, it’s a daily struggle. After the twins I weighed in at 260lbs. I am 5ft 7i- The heaviest I have ever weighed in my life! I have been lifting for a little of 4 months and it has changed my life. I don’t exactly have the moral or emotional support as some do but when I read your post and articles, it gives me the hope and the encouragment I need to keep going. Keep doing what your doing. You have helped to make my life so much brighter and better. Thank you!

Steph Irwin
July 01 2016

Congrats on taking such a brave leap! Something tells me you won’t regret your decision. Your passion is infectious and it’s inspiring women across the nation!

Ana Smash
June 30 2016

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! THIS just made me so happy! I want to follow my passion so badly, and reading this…well I take it as a sign to just do it! You are giving me so much inspiration not to be afraid to take risks. We are effing powerlifters after all, we aint scared of anything life throws at us. We pick up those heavy obstacles out of the way and just keep on moving! #lightweight! I support you and I love you and the GWPL nation :)

June 29 2016

So proud of you. I discovered lifting later in life and it is my passion as well. I don’t have huge numbers, I don’t have big muscles but I’m damn proud of my quads. I do it because I love it. I blog about it and post my stuff all over my Fb page because I love it even tho none of my friends are lifters and they don’t get it. It’s my therapy and my refuge. I totally get it and so happy GWPL is out there. You’re gonna rock it girl! Can’t wait to see where you take it! Congrats!

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