What Powerlifting and the GWPL Community Taught Me, That School Didn't

Written By Ivelis Knight - May 16 2016


December 07 2016

I started lifting 6 years ago. Lifting has helped me through depression an abusive (physical and emotional) relationship, addiction and a lot of excess weight.. I was a little over 200 lbs. I’m am 170, but solid muscular and I compete in powerlifting and I hold 2 state records in Virginia..
You become self confident, strong mentally and physically and the changes in how people treat and respect you are the best feelings.. I’m gonna keep training and competing for as long as I can.. I am blessed to be able to still lift at my age let alone competively.

Despina Belle-Isle
December 07 2016

57 to powerlifter here. Started a few years ago, but only just starting competing last year. Love it so much, wish I had started earlier! Love seeing my mature sisters here!

Dianne Castanelli
September 17 2016

I started at 57 am now turning 69 just love it so much cannot wait yo go to training

September 15 2016

All that she said is true as a 63 years young I was not encouraged to be strong. Women were not strong. My son was a powerlifter and I started going to watch him at meets and was inspired by him and the women who were lifting. I had worked out for some time. As my son as my trainer I have set world records. I love the sport and it is so empowering going to compete at Worlds in October. Never imagined doing this. Never say you can’t do it you can!

Lori Hughes-Pedroli
September 05 2016

I am powerlifting at 63! feel like a beast! proud and strong great message

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