When I was younger, I was incredibly timid in public. But at home was a creative and expressive...Until my dad came home. Don't get me wrong, he's not a bad person, but he's old school and would tell me to stop talking, stop making noise, stop being loud. I'm no psychiatrist, but I'm pretty sure that changed me. I was a wallflower throughout high school. Coming into adulthood, I’ve always had a hard time sticking up for myself and I became a very self-conscious person. And its affected a lot of things in my life till this very day. Powerlifting along with a few other things have helped me get to a point where I'm comfortable with myself, comfortable with my actions, beliefs and comfortable with making noise in this world. I don't ever want to my (future) daughter's creativity or expression to be stifled in any way. I want her to make a sound in this world.

I'm not a parent yet, but I'm a firm believer in learning from your past and breaking the cycle. The way I felt when I was told to stop talking or making noise when I was just trying to express myself is not a feeling that any young girl should have to feel.

We have to break that old school mentality that women should remain silent. We're finally starting to be heard and we're shouting from the rooftops.

The "What's Your Sound" Campaign is an opportunity to be heard, be expressive, tell your side, just speak. Tagged me in a post or video telling me your why's, why you do this, what you're fighting for, who you're fighting for. Let me hear the grunts, the clangs, the bangs and the heavy breathing that comes with accomplishment. Let me hear your sound.

Use the hashtag ‪#‎gwplWhatYourSound‬


  • Ina Foster: May 08, 2016

    I am absolutely in love with this!

  • Liz: May 06, 2016

    I absolutely love this and y’all

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