Are You Ready For your First Powerlifting Meet

Written By Ivy Knight - April 22 2016


August 16 2017

Such a great article but it’s so hard to get over wondering if I’m “ready”!

Veronica Cervantes
January 21 2017

I love this article! Thank you so much for this. ❤

August 23 2016

Thank you so much for this! I’ve been toying with the idea of competing someday, but didn’t want to embarrass myself. After reading this, I feel like I can do this whenever I want (once I’m able to stop crying from all the feelz). Thank you! <3

July 29 2016

I’m doing my first federation meet next weekend. This was a great read and I especially love and agree with number four. I’m going to share. :)
Thanks for creating a supportive space for lifters at ALL levels.

July 29 2016

Terrific article – thank you. I have spent too much time looking at what I can’t lift rather than the progress I have made.

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