How much mobility is too much mobility?

Written By Ivy Knight - March 30 2016


Glenn Jimenez
May 23 2016

Very good article. As an older individual I find that if I don’t warm up and stretch carefully within my limits I tend to be more likely to injure things. Bottom line is know your body’s capability and limitations.

March 31 2016

Very good information! Prior to learning the difference in the types stretching and what would compliment my lifting, I subscribed to one of the popular online mobility enhancing websites. I ended up being so sore (and stiff) after the sessions that it interfered with my performance during my lifting workouts. Yes, I’m sure some of this was due to not being “swoll & flexy,” but also because I wasn’t performing the moves correctly and I was stretching at the wrong time of day in relation to my workouts. Talking to a trainer & getting proper information on timing and the different types of mobility training was key to my performance. :)

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