Be Great - The Day I Became A Powerlifter

Written By Ivy Knight - March 02 2016


Molly Hicks
July 17 2016

Thank you for giving me (and others) so much hope and inspiration, Ivy!

March 04 2016

Awesome job!!!

Marta N
March 04 2016

You’re an inspiration, thank you for your honest post. I was hoping to do my first meet in May, but managed to break my knee last week (not lifting related). Can you please post in the future how to come back even stronger after an injury? I’d love to hear your story or someone you know. Thank you again!!

Chandra Jenkins
March 03 2016

What a great read! You totally rocked your first meet! It’s always great to hear about someone’s first experience on the platform, and to have a little camaraderie in that crazy nervous feeling one gets when stepping on that platform! Thank you for giving us ladies a place to share our experiences and congratulations on kicking ass at your first meet!! Girls Who Powerlift UNITE!!!

March 02 2016

Everything you said and fell is exactly how I felt after my first meet last year! Exactly! The best experience of my life! After I did my first squat my coach patted me on the back and asked how it felt to officially be a powerlifter! It was amazing!
I’m proud of you and love your blog and everything about it! Keep at it and congratulations!

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