To be honest, when I started lifting I hadn’t planned on doing a meet. I just liked to lift weights. Cardio wasn’t fun, and I realized that my diet had more to do with my weight gain then my physical activity. But honestly, I just liked feeling strong. I’ve been to a handful of meets in my area and watched a good amount on YouTube, but still had no intention of ever doing one myself. I didn’t want to be seen wearing a singlet in front of hundreds of people at my body weight. I told myself; maybe after I lose weight I’ll do one… maybe.

Well, I haven’t lost a ton of weight… if any. But I decided I had to do a meet. You can’t call yourself a powerlifter until you compete in a meet.  This past weekend I had the privilege of competing in my first ever powerlifting meet and becoming a powerlifter.

It was quite possibly one of the best weekends of my entire life! I was a nervous wreck. Truthfully, I’m very shy and reserved so I was nervous about being around other lifters and trying to warm up with a slew of people around. But I was warmly welcomed. Everyone introduced themselves, we all got along and chatted while drinking our Pedialyte and eating sour gummy candy… at 9:00am.

When they called my name being 4th out for my first squat attempt, my heart fell to my stomach and I regretted my decision instantly.  All I could think of was me falling face first with 225lbs/102kg on my back. As it got closer to my turn on the platform, my husband Corey, who also handled me throughout the meet, rubbed my shoulders and said, “Be Great!” A sense of calm came before me and I knew I had to do this! I had to be great for him and everyone that believed in me, despite the fact that I hadn’t believed in myself.  I went on to go 3 for 3 on my squats, 226, 248 and 260lbs. Went 2 for 3 on my bench with 115, 125.4 lbs and I failed my third attempt of 137lbs but it was a YOLO attempt lol. I went 3 for 3 on my deadlifts with 225, 236 and finished with a 253lbs PR!! A 638.4lbs/289.5kg TOTAL!!  Also got a medal… which was only for funsies because there were only two people in my weight class and I got the silver, but I still got a medal and I’m proud of it!

The best part about this weekend was spending it with my friends and making new ones. I learned a lot about myself and my own mental toughness. Mental PR for the WIN! I got to be inspired by so many amazing women from experienced ladies who put up amazing numbers and still were so humble and helpful. I watched everyone help each other especially the newbies who made this their first meet like myself and many of these ladies went on to crush it like they were pros. But like the very first meet I ever went to, when the crowd gets behind the lifter who’s grinding it out, and everyone yells UP, UP, UP and they finish the lift it's the most amazing thing to see and experience.

Everyone was great this weekend! And I can't wait to do it again.  I have so much to work on but I’m so excited about improving. If you are teetering with the idea of doing a meet… STOP! Just do it. You will not regret it for a single second! As always #UpliftAndLiftHeavy


  • Molly Hicks: July 17, 2016

    Thank you for giving me (and others) so much hope and inspiration, Ivy!

  • Julie: March 04, 2016

    Awesome job!!!

  • Marta N: March 04, 2016

    You’re an inspiration, thank you for your honest post. I was hoping to do my first meet in May, but managed to break my knee last week (not lifting related). Can you please post in the future how to come back even stronger after an injury? I’d love to hear your story or someone you know. Thank you again!!

  • Chandra Jenkins : March 03, 2016

    What a great read! You totally rocked your first meet! It’s always great to hear about someone’s first experience on the platform, and to have a little camaraderie in that crazy nervous feeling one gets when stepping on that platform! Thank you for giving us ladies a place to share our experiences and congratulations on kicking ass at your first meet!! Girls Who Powerlift UNITE!!!

  • Chrissy: March 02, 2016

    Everything you said and fell is exactly how I felt after my first meet last year! Exactly! The best experience of my life! After I did my first squat my coach patted me on the back and asked how it felt to officially be a powerlifter! It was amazing!
    I’m proud of you and love your blog and everything about it! Keep at it and congratulations!

  • Ericka: March 02, 2016

    This is So Inspiring!! Thank You for sharing your personal experience!! I’ve been powerlifting for 5 months now, and it’s so mentally and physically challenging, but in a good way!! I’ve never ever considered doing a competition, but, you’ve planted a seed :) Keep up the Awesome Work Chicka!!

  • Kelly: March 02, 2016

    Congrats on your meet!! My trainer is pushing me to do one but the idea makes me nauseous, lol. After reading this, I might just agree to try it, once. Like you, I am really shy, and as far as I’m concerned my numbers aren’t good enough to go to a meet, but as long as I don’t have to wear a singlet I should be ok ;)

  • Blanca Villoch : March 02, 2016

    I am so proud and happy for you, Ivy! See you at the next meet!! Thank you for everything you do to connect strong women and encourage us to support each other! :-)

  • Claudia: March 02, 2016

    So happy to see you enjoyed it! Congratulations! I’m getting nervous about mine in May. I’m not exactly strong, but your post makes me think I might enjoy it. Your blog is very inspiring. Keep it up!

  • Amanda Frey: March 02, 2016

    Way to go! My first meet is supposed to be in April, but i hurt my back/glute back in December and its still healing, so not sure if I’ll be able to. One day!

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