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Article written by Brandon Lilly  via Juggernaut Training Systems

As a powerlifter, this is a great “blast cycle” to run after a meet. I began doing this while a geared lifter, after meets. Doing a 4-8 week raw cycle always gave me a nice mental break from the gear. Being an upper body dominant lifter I always wanted to maintain balance, and focus very hard on my legs so that I didn’t become the “Johnny Bravo” in our gym, walking around with pencil legs.  This rotation can be implemented for anyone, and is not a part of the Cube rotation as you will see, it very progressive, and very taxing, but at the end of 8 weeks I guarantee you will be able to tell a difference, and you will need some new pants. This is a step by step, rep by rep detailed plan. You will lift Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and one of the weekend days. The split mimics the Cube, in that on Wednesday you will need to Bench, and fourth day will be a bodybuilding day. Monday and Friday will no longer be Squat, and Deadlift, it will just be a dedication to lower body entirely.

Weeks 1-4

Workout A

Olympic Squats (Feet shoulder width apart)- 3 x 6-10 reps with 60 seconds rest

Deadlifts Standing on 1-2” Block- 60% x 1 x 12 reps

Lunges- Short Strides 3 x 15 x 45 seconds rest

Leg Press- Wide Foot Placement 4 x 15

Ankle Weight Leg Curls- 100 reps

Workout B

Deadlifts from the Floor- Work up to a heavy Triple

Wide Stance (Comfortably Wide)- 60% x 2 x 8 sets

Stiff Leg Conventional Deadlift- 3 x 12 (Weight should be light enough to move quickly, but challenging for 12 reps)

Leg Press- Narrow Foot Position 5 x 10

Ankle Weight Leg Curls- 100 Reps

Weeks 5-8

Workout A

Competition Stance Squat- 3 x 3-5 reps (Use a weight that would challenge you to do for 6 reps)

Deadlifts from 4” Blocks or Pin Pulls from just below Knee- Work up to a Max Double

Romanian Stiff Legs- 3 x 10

Sissy Squats- 2 x 20 reps (These are brutal if done properly, add weight only if using perfect form)

Leg Curls- 4 x 15

Workout B

Deadlifts standing on 1” Mat- Work up to heavy 5 x 5

Front Squats- 3 x 12

Pause Squats- 3 x 6

Lunges w/DB in Hand- 3 x 15 Strides (Long Steps)

Leg Curls- 4 x 15

****Squat Depth is crucial to this program as we are trying to maximize leg stimulation, this occurs through a maximum range of motion. Even if you enjoy squatting high regularly, give this a chance for 8 weeks and you will be shocked at the difference.****

Brandon Lilly is a top ranked powerlifter, author of “The Cube Method”, and “365STRONG”, as well as a respected strength coach. Brandon is ranked as one of the strongest powerlifters of All-Time, having world class totals in multiple weight class, raw, and equipped. His efforts as a lifter, and a coach have helped cause a paradigm shift in the sport of powerlifting. His Cube Method has helped over a dozen men total 2,000 lbs or more in raw divisions, and over twenty women total over 1,000 lbs or more.

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  • Mari: June 26, 2016

    Do I do workout A and B the same day?

    For the 1st weeks the:
    - “Deadlifts Standing on 1-2” Block- 60% x 1 × 12 reps x 20-30 seconds rest” ………..- if it’s 1 set of 12 reps am I suppose to rest 20-30 sec after each rep?

    thanks in advance

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