Onyx Wrist Wraps

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    • USPA Approved as of 2021
    • Color: Black
    • Stitched rubber patch with GWPL logo (logo will not peel off)
    • Length 18" and 24" from end to end
    • Width 3"/7cm
    • Ultra-stiff material intended for heavy working sets
    • Thumb loop and velcro closure
    • NOT USAPL/IPF approved

These are not your mama's wrist wraps. . . unless your mom is also a powerlifter! These wrist wraps are mean, ultra-stiff with a slight stretch, and meant for heavy working sets. Don't be alarmed, they take some getting used to and breaking in but they won't fail you when it really counts. 

Benefits of wrist wraps

  • Protect your wrist joint
  • Keep your wrist straight
  • Encourage grip strength to help generate force.

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    Onyx wrist wraps

    I love my wrist wraps and the best part is I needed them for a meet and when I sent an email I received and immediate response they sent them the next morning. I received them just in time!

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