How To Get Through A Tough Workout

tough workouts

We've all been there. That moment when all the weights feel heavy, even the warm up set. When your whole body is stiff and aching. When the failure of it all just makes you want to break down and cry. When you just want to quit. But guess what? You Can't!

So then, how do you get through these tough training sessions? I was able to ask a few powerlifting ladies, and this is what they said.

Megan Shea: "A lot of the times when I'm having a rough workout is when I get too in my head. I try to take a step back and give myself a mental pep talk. Tell myself either I've done this weight before, pain is only temporary, and (most importantly) you can do it! If I'm failing on a lot of my lifts, I try not to focus on the negative aspect of my workout but that it's a progress and sometimes you can't succeed every time."

April Harper: "I treat it like a job. I think about my goals and I power through knowing it's the only way. Sometimes music helps, sometimes I will have more caffeine for a little boost of energy."

Charity Witt: "It's mostly mindset for me. Like especially when wrapping my knees and the pain is so bad that I want to cry, I talk out loud to myself. "My name is charity and I can do the impossible". I don't know why, but saying that over and over again gets me so hyped up to lift and I usually succeed."

Amy Traps: "I remind myself of why I started, and how much I want it."

Bec Chambers: "I get myself in the zone. I tell myself that I can't fail and I force myself to prove it."

Stephanie Aromando: "When I started this journey a year ago, I weighed 335 lbs. I was fighting for my life. That was my biggest motivator to get through hard workouts... wanting to live. Today I'm down nearly 110 lbs, and when I'm fighting through the final reps of a difficult set, there is nothing that motivates me more than locking eyes in the mirror with my own reflection. I can see where I've been, I can see where I am now, and I can see where I'm going, and it reminds me what I'm fighting for: health, fitness, and total badassery."

Mommy_N_RY_Lifts: "Pretty much every single workout I do is tough. What pushes me is knowing I finished every rep and every set with maximum effort. I won't quit because i want to do what others won't do. If it sucks and most people skip it, that's where you will come out ahead in this sport.

Having a team is a big help. My training partners and coaches are a HUGE motivator because we all want the same thing. Our team of females is unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life. They are my sisters. They want me to succeed sometimes more than myself! I def had to add that in there. I drive two hours to and from just to train with them."

It's an inevitable feeling, but we hope that this is able to inspire you to just keep going. Comment below on how you get through your tough workouts. 


  • Lis

    I live with a chronic illness and lifting is my way of dealing with it. On the tough days what goes through my head is that I am not giving into this – so on go the headphones, deep breath, focus and just push through it. I learn far more from my tough sessions than I ever do from a good one. This is where I define myself. Xx

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